Members of the San Francisco Symphony Horn Section 2009-2010

Robert Ward, Principal Horn
Nicole Cash, Associate Principal Horn
Jonathan Ring, Second Horn
Bruce Roberts, Third Horn
Jessica Valeri, Fourth Horn
Kimberly Wright, Utility Horn


On November 19-23 2008 we completed the San Francisco Symphony's
Mahler cycle by recording his 8th Symphony

(from foreground)

Darby Hinshaw (assistant - C.F. Schmidt)
Bob Ward (principal - Hill)
Jonathan Ring (2nd - Atkinson Geyer model)
Bruce Roberts (3rd - Atkinson Geyer model)
Jessica Valeri (4th - Hill)
Doug Hull (5th - Yamaha custom Geyer model)
Kimberly Wright (6th - Lewis)
Alex Camphouse (7th - Atkinson Geyer model)
Meredith Brown (8th - Geyer)


On Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2005 we recorded Mahler 5

(from foreground)
Alicia Telford (assistant - Rauch)
Bob Ward (principal - Hill)
Jonathan Ring (2nd - Berg)
Kimberly Wright (3rd - Lewis)
Doug Hull (4th - Yamaha)
Bruce Roberts (5th - Berg)
Chris Cooper (6th - Berg)



On June 23-26, 2004 we recorded Mahler 2

front row (from front to back):
Susannah Drake (assistant)
Bob Ward (principal)
Jonathan Ring (2nd)
Kimberly Wright (3rd)
Doug Hull (4th)
Bruce Roberts (5th)
Chris Cooper (6th)

Offstage horns

second row (front to back):
Elizabeth Freimuth
Jason Herrick
Stephen Kostyniak
Darby Hinshaw


May 2003, after a performance of Mahler 9 at the Vienna Konzerthaus

from left: Chris Cooper
Doug Hull
Kimberly Wright
Jonathan Ring
Bob Ward

On September 25-28, 2002, we recorded Mahler 3 - the section was (from foreground)

Jason Herrick, assistant (Englebert Schmid)
me, principal (Berg)
Jonathan Ring, 2nd (Berg)
Kimberly Wright, 3rd (Lewis)
Doug Hull, 4th (Yamaha custom Geyer)
Bruce Roberts, 5th (Berg)
Chris Cooper, 6th (Berg)
Dave Krehbiel, 7th (Hill)
Susannah Drake, 8th (Lewis)


Section Pictures from the past...

We recorded Mahler 6 from Sept. 12-15, 2001 - the section was:

back row: (left to right) Mike Wall (8th), Chris Cooper (7th), Susannah Drake (6th), Kimberly Wright (5th)
front row (left to right): Doug Hull (4th), Bruce Roberts (3rd) Jonathan Ring (2nd), me (principal), Dave Krehbiel (assistant)


The section from 1997-98, Dave Krehbiel's last year:
left to right: me, Jon Ring, Bruce Roberts, Lori Westin, Dave
(picture taken in front of Davies Symphony Hall by John Van Winkle)

From left to right: me, Jon Ring, Bruce Roberts, Lori Westin, Dave Krehbiel
Before a concert in the Vienna Musikvereinsaal
You can see two Bergs, a Yamaha, then two more Bergs


bruckner 7 section

The horn section for Bruckner 7, April 1997
Front row: Jon Ring, Bruce Roberts (both on Engel F tuben), Eric Achen, me (both Paxman compensating double tuben)
second row: Doug Hull (Yamaha), Bill Klingelhoffer (Conn), Lori Westin (Berg), Dave Krehbiel (Berg), Chris Cooper (Geyer)

The section when I first joined the orchestra (picture taken 1981-ish)
From left to right: Ralph Hotz (3rd horn), Dave Krehbiel (Principal), me (!), Jerry Merrill (4th), Lori Westin (2nd)
not pictured: Bill Sabatini (assistant)

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