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Here's a copy of my biography, which explains where I went to school, and the jobs that I've held before I came to the San Francisco Symphony.

Visit my picture gallery See my family tree research. Read a speech about listening.

Have a look at a horn fingering chart (PDF).

Are you represented on the Johnny Mathis First Horn Folder Page?

Visit the Bay Brass page and hear some clips of our Christmas CD!

Here's a sample of my work in progress, The Warm Up Book. One of these days, I may even get around to finishing it...and here are some tips on keeping your mechanics working right...(also a work in progress)

Here's a letter I posted to the horn list about my experience with TMJ.

Commonly asked questions about the San Francisco Symphony horns:

Visit my friend Bill Hopson's alphorn shop in Calgary...

Hornplayer.net is a great resource -- I recommend it highly...

Julia Rose's website has a lot of good stuff -- check it out!

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June 20 2008